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I am trying to drive up traffic at my site (www.faithvsfear.com), which is basically my blog. I write about politics a lot, and I self reflect a lot, and occasionally write about television, sports (baseball or cycling), music and literature. It's what my livejournal probably should be, but isn't. Anyhow, I'm trying to drive up traffic and I think the best way is word of mouth. So, please check it out and tell your friends to check it out.


So, it turns out I'm not giving up on my original blog (http://diewithyouroptionsopen.blogspot.com). In fact I just posted there (for the fourth time this week).

I've decided it will be an interesting test to see what direction my life is headed by which blog I post more often at.

http://diewithyouropitionsopen.blogspot.com sprung from my indecisiveness (i.e. my complete inability to figure out what I want to do with my life)

http://forthethrillofit.blogspot.com began as a place to post pictures and comments about places I've traveled and concerts I've been to (and things like that) and as a result has come to represent kind of the opposite end of the spectrum from We'll Die With Our Options Open....it's the me that basically quit my job (though I've now come back to it) to travel around Europe for a month and a half and went to Mexico for the weekend so I could celebrate a new friend's wedding.

It turns out I'm still a little indecisive (as much as I'm trying not to be), but I've got the impulsive streak as well so I'm keeping both blogs. We'll just have to wait and see which side wins out.

European adventures

So, as you know I've been in Europe for the past month and a half, at first learning German and now just traveling around. I keep forgetting to post updates here, but really they would only comprise link to this anyway. So there you go, a month and a half worth of updates in one link.
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The Beth Show is Touring Europe

So, today I finished my final writing assignment as an undergrad student. Studentdom and work and planning for my upcoming trip to The Continent have been occupying most of my time which is why I haven't been posting here much. Truth be told though, I have been posting, just not here. I had a blog, before I came to LJ, and I started posting there again. I now have a second blog for travel and concert related blogging. Check them out and let me know what you think. I'll try to come around more often though, I know you guys must miss me terribly, as I miss all of you.

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Today I'm really missing the VM4. I know, it's not like I'm banned from going there, but I've been away so long I'd feel weird jumping back in after such a long absence. Plus the main reason I'm missing it is because I need an outlet to discuss my wildly in appropriate taste in men and I'm not sure that the VM4 is the best place to do that anyway. Perhaps here in my livejournal would be better.

First of all I realized even the sort of appropriate guys I like are a certain type. I never thought I had a type. In fact I always sort of thought that the two guys I really Loved (note the capital L) were nearly the opposite of each other, but this past week I went through some boxes that my mom had brought over when she turned my old room into a TV room. One of these boxes was filled with old letters and notes some of which were from my high school sweetheart (if you could call him that, but that's a long story). After reading some of these old notes I realized that he and my college sweetheart (who's basically the only boyfriend I've had in my adult life) might as well be identical twins for all the things they have in common personality wise. I mean they are different in terms of specific things but their core personality traits (things like competitiveness or lack of it, pessimism vs. optimism, etc.) are exactly the same. If they were to take one of those personality tests that breaks people down into four categories I bet their answers to every question would be identical.

That was a disconcerting discovery. I have a type.

So, back to my inappropriate taste. Another thing that I realized when going through the old letters and notes was that two different guys tried to get me involved with their best friends rather than dumping me in high school. The first was a guy that I wasn't really dating but had sort of an on/off fling with. He thought, it turns out rightly, that I was more girlfriend material and he wasn't interested in that so he actually openly tried to fix me up with his best friend who I eventually fell head over heels in love with but at first I was (I think understandably) upset that this guy I liked was trying to set me up with his best friend. The second was the only guy I actually officially dated in high school, the only one who actually picked me up at my house and took me out places like to dinner and the movies, on actual dates. Most of my interaction with the opposite sex in high school could not be referred to as dating, but this guy actually took me out on dates. Anyhow after about a month of this actual dating this guys best friend started passing me all these flirty notes in chemistry class and I flirted back because I'm a huge flirt, but whenever he tired to ask me out with I'd say I couldn't because I was dating his friend (and I'm not that kind of girl - despite the stories I'm about to tell you). About a week or so after that started the guy I was dating just quit calling me. It took me a while to figure out that he'd been thinking that I'd hook up with his best friend and he could justifiably dump me but when I didn't he was kind of at a loss for what to do so he just never called me again. A year later I ended up somewhat seriously involved with that guys brother. His younger brother who was, according to most people, too young for me. He was only 2 years younger than me, but 2 years seems like a lot when you're a senior in high school and your boyfriend is a sophomore.

So, to recap we've got best friends and brothers so far and those aren't even the really inappropriate ones. In college I went out on a couple of dates with a guy and then fell in love with his roommate. Luckily their other roommate talked the one I liked into asking the other one's permission before he hooked up with me so it was okay but that honestly wouldn't have mattered to me. You're all, by now, aware that I currently have the hots for one of my brothers friends who in addition to being my brother's friend and 6 years older than me, is married.

[Aside - I went to a halloween party this past Saturday with my brother and a bunch of his friends, Married Guy included. A few of us, Married Guy not included, got to talking about what we are like when we get drunk. It's well know that I am a confessional drunk, I say, sometimes wildly inappropriate things when I'm drunk. But I did say something wildly inappropriate the last time I got together with these people and I wasn't drunk then I was just frustrated because they were all talking about how much Married Guy needs to leave his wife and how awful she is and how screwed up he is that he just takes her crap, etc, etc, so I said "he just needs to leave her and date me instead" and I recalled this at the party on Saturday. The girl I was talking to at the party said she remembered it and that she thinks he feels the same way. Of course, she doesn't know that I'm fully aware that he feels the same way because he totally made out with me a while back, and so I say that I'm pretty sure he feels the same way too, which makes he realize that there is some major gossip that she's missing out on and so I tell her, not that we made out, but that the night that we never showed up at a party she invited us to we came to agreement on the idea that he likes me better than his wife. Oy.]

I usually say, in defense of my not having really dated much in the last two years, that the only guys I meet are 21 years old (because I'm back in school right now), but I met a fantastic guy in one of my classes this quarter, he's totally the perfect guy for me...except that he's 20. We agree about tons of stuff and often say the same thing at the same time, but we disagree about enough to make for interesting debates and he's super cute and just perfect for me, but for being 8 years too young.

If they are married, or much younger, or best friends, brothers or roommates of guys I've already dated I'm bound to be attracted to them. This is my fate, to be constantly attracted to the most inappropriate guys possible.
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My change of major (to English) finally came through, as did my "graduating senior" designation so I will get top registration priority for classes next quarter and, barring any huge incident, I will be graduating in June.

I'm going to do a study abroad program spring quarter. I'll be taking German classes at the Goethe Institut in Munich. I'm planning to do the super intensive course which is in two week incriments for 8 hours a day. I don't know how many of them I'll need to take to complete my foreign language requirement for graduation. My guess would be that the Goethe Institut units corespond to total class hours (it's 80 units for two weeks of super intensive class) which would mean that one two week course would actually be more than I need since I only need 5 more creidts and the UW credits correspond to weekly hours of class in a 10 week quarter (making 5 credits a total of 50 hours of class in a quarter). Anyhow I'm going to take at least 4 weeks of class (maybe 6 weeks) even if I only need 2 weeks. Also, my best friend is coming at the end of April so we can celebrate our birthdays together (her's is April 30th mine is May 17th). Plus, we're going to London and about 20 of her friends from high school and Oxford are renting a big country house for a week so we're going to do that. Even if I do 6 weeks of classes I'll still have 6 weeks to just travel around Europe and visit friends and family in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Italy before I have to be back for Graduation on June 9th.

My dad is doing really well, he's seems to be healing really fast and the doctor is pretty confident that they cancer hadn't spread so they got it all when they removed his kidney.

And that's all the news I have to report.
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Nobody knows anything except for me

I went to see The Departed last night and now I'm totally angry at the critics again. First they try to tell me that 30 Rock is better than Studio 60 and then they try to tell me that Leonardo Dicaprio is the weak link in The Departed. I've read a couple of reviews of The Departed and their comments about Dicaprio's acting range from him being really good but not nearly as good as Nicholson and Damon to him bringing those two down. Dicaprio steals every scene he's in. Jack Nicholson does what he does in every movie. I know I may be alone in this view, but he's totally a one trick pony. He's great, don't get me wrong, but he's totally type cast and whenever his boundries get pushed you can tell he's struggling with it. The only time I ever saw him exhibit anything resembling range as an actor was in As Good as it Gets and even then there were some major elements of that character that matched up with his typical characters. Matt Damon was really good, is always really good, but this character in The Departed, kept reminding me of Bourne. Dicaprio pushes himself, he takes parts that aren't like anything else he's played before and every time he nails it. I hate to keep harping on the idea of emotional resonance but Dicaprio resonates in The Departed.

Critics don't know anything.
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